Tree/Shrub Trimming

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Lawns of Longview can give your East Texas property a great, refreshing look simply by trimming and pruning your shrubs and bushes. Regular maintenance of your shrubs will keep them healthier and will extend their lifespan.

In addition to regular pruning, Lawns of Longview is equipped to safely remove old shrubs without disturbing other plants. Certain shrubs with elaborate root systems can be difficult to remove with their elaborate root systems. Overcrowding of shrubs can lead to root damage and overall growth and development issues.

Our experience makes this process seamless and easy. Protect your investment. Call Lawns of Longview for your shrub trimming and removal needs.


Tree and Shrub Trimming is what we know and what we do… so let us do it for you. Lawns of Longview has been keeping Longview and the surrounding areas beautiful one property at a time since we pruned our first tree or trimmed our first shrub. East Texas is our primary lawn care and maintenance service area.

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